Our Mission: Creative Urban Problem Solving

The Mission of IUA (International Urban Alliance) is to address the tough issues and challenges of the cities in the 21st century, from poverty and inequity to mobility and climate change, and from dysfunctional governance to transparency, participation and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision is a better urban environment and a higher quality of life through the efforts of a broad international alliance of architects, planners, and city builders: developers, lawyers, and bankers.

We believe that we can accomplish our Mission by rejuvenating the community of Fellows and Associates, expanding its geographic coverage, and diversifying the multidisciplinary and multicultural aspects of the community of urban scholars and practitioners. A critical success factor is educating and mentoring the younger Associates through participation in an international dialogue on the future of cities, and through direct involvement in solving urban problems creatively in cities internationally.

IUA Goals

Creating of a worldwide network of professionals dedicated to state-of-the-art applied research and best practices addressing pressing urban problems.

Cross-national exchange and collaboration among Fellows and between Fellows and urban Associates around the globe at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, at the IUA Regional Centers, and at the IUFA International Annual Conferences.

Developing a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach and methodology for creative urban problem solving.