International Dialog Group on City Building (BUILD SMART) Initiative

One of the IUA initiatives is setting up an International Dialogue Group on City Building (BUILD SMART) which will provide an opportunity for urban planners and architects (the “dreamers”) to interact with the developers and builders (the “doers”) as well as bankers and lawyers (the “enablers”) in order to exchange best practices, get to know their common goals and build synergies in the process building the smart city of the future.

IUA is planning to hold two international workshops/conferences of the International Dialogue Group on City Building per year, one in the U.S., and another one outside the U.S., in Europe, Latin America or Asia.

IUA was conceived as a nonprofit, charitable organization meant to continue and enhance the 46-year tradition of international cooperation and networking in the field of urban planning and policy in connection with the development of academic programs at Johns Hopkins and international universities.